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When is it time to go to Couples Therapy?

Research shows on average a couple waits 6 years to make their first therapy appointment after starting to feel dissatisfied with their relationship. Although this absolutely can be helped with therapy, it leaves couples feeling sad, angry, and alone for a long time. Here are some of the most common signs that your relationship could benefit from couples therapy:

* You are missing the times you got along

* Your intimacy has decreased and stayed decreased

* You are feeling disconnected from one another

* A big life transition has thrown you off balance

* You are fighting more than you are enjoying your time together

* Fights are more frequent and more intense

* Communicating with each other can feel like you are on different wave lengths

* You feel stuck in the same patterns or same arguments

It is so common to feel nervous about couples therapy.  As therapists, we will guide you through the first few sessions to help introduce you to the process. Usually after the first bit of nervousness, couples enjoy learning new things about themselves, their partner, and their relationship. The goal of therapy is to make each partner feel heard and understood while developing lasting, positive patterns of connection and communication.

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